Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Blogging Break...

Over the last few weeks, my blog has had to take a back seat due to events happening which have distracted my attention. I'm not going to go into detail about what has happened but things seem to be much calmer in my life now (*touches wood*) and so I can finally get back into one of the big passions in my life-blogging.

My blogging break has made me think about the direction I want to take my blog in, I have felt a little lost with it over the last couple of months. I realised that I love writing about beauty so I am going to try and include more product reviews and beauty posts aswell as trying to incorporate lifestyle posts into my blog.

In terms of blog series, I am going to kick-start my Healthy Living Diaries series again aswell as a few others I have up my sleeve.

Taking a break from blogging was great for me because it has made me appreciate how much I love my blog and how much I want it to do well. It has also given me time to think of lots of new ideas for the blog which is something I really needed.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading A Little Gem....



  1. Hey! I've tagged you in a post up over on my blog, just thought i'd let you know! I love your blog :)!
    The post is here:

    Erin x

  2. Followed you from my new blog! Good to have you back!