Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Models Own Hyper Gel in Coral Glaze

I have a love/hate relationship with Models Own. After first trying their polishes last summer, I wasn't very impressed. I found the formula very thin and difficult to achieve an even application. However, I had another shot with a polish from their Velvet Goth collection in the Autumn and I was really impressed. So when this collection hit the shelves this year, I thought I would give them a go.

I love gel like polishes, the finish is so beautiful and classy and they normally last quite a few days without chipping. I have quite a few gel like polishes in my collection (thinking about doing a collective post about them all soon) but I thought one more wouldn't hurt, and this colour really caught my eye! Its perfect for the summer months, and is unlike any shade I already own.

Firstly, I really don't like the Models Own brushes, I find them very thin and with such a large lid, it can be hard to have full control over the brush. This formula seems slightly thicker than my previous experiences with the brand, however still very thin and runny, making application quite difficult. The polish takes quite a while to dry, but that is expected with gel like polishes. The polish did seem to last a good couple of days on my nails, however I really didn't like the finish. Due to difficult application, the polish was very uneven on my nails which did make them look tacky and isn't the look I was going for.

So overall, I really was not impressed with this polish. I would say its a big disappointment but I haven't had the greatest experience with this brand before. I think im going to stay away from Models Own polishes for quite a while now, I need to learn from my mistakes.

Has anyone else had the same issues? Or have you had the complete opposite thoughts?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 5 Pink Lips

For me, pink lips are perfect for the Spring time. They are fresh, pretty and so easy to wear. I've put together my top 5 pink lips that I have in my collection, bit of a range of tones of pinks but I love them all, and they are all great for different occasions.

Rimmel Kate Moss 16
I love the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks, they all have a lovely consistency to them and apply like a dream! The only thing that annoys me is they don't name the shades, they are all numbered (I know, I know, I am petty!). The shade 16 is a classic rosy pink, perfect for both daytime or nighttime. It has a matte/satin finish to it which I really like, and stays put for quite a considerable amount of time which is always a plus.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
I love the Baby Lips, they are just wonder products! Not only are they extremely moisturising, they have lovely scents and come in 3 great shades, Pink Punch being one of them. Pink Punch is very much a candy pink which doesn't work for everyone but I love it as it adds a good pop of colour to my look. I like wearing this with very simple makeup during the day as I find as its so bright, it can look a little overbearing teamed with heavy makeup. Th only problem is the colour doesn't last too long, but for a cheap, decent lip balm you cant really expect overly high pigmentation.

Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake
This is the newest to my collection. It applies in the ame style as a lipgloss with a doe foot applicator, however the finish very matte. This pink is a warm dusky pink, with a creamy consistency (which makes application very easy) yet a matte finish. This is great however lips must be well moisturised as matte lip products can be very drying. The hing I love about this pink lip product is it lasts ages on the lips. I can go out all night and the colour won't budge, its great.

Maybelline Superstay in Ultimate Blush
This is another lipstick with excellent stay power, hence the name I suppose. This is a classic rose pink, with abeautiful satin finish. This lipstick is quite drying so, again, lips must be well prepared! I wouldn't say the consistency is as creamy as the Kate Moss but its still quite easy to apply, and doesn't cling to any dry areas.

Rimmel Apocalips in Out Of This World
Probably my favourite pink lip, I absolutely love this! I love the Rimmel Apocalips anyway, but this shade is so beautiful and looks amazing on the lips. Its a very bright pink shade but not quite fuchsia pink, almost a purple toned pink. It looks beautiful on the lips and goes amazing with any makeup as although its bright, it isn't too overpowering. The finish is very glossy, typical of the Apocalips lip lacquers, and application is done using a doe foot applicator. The only thing I will say about the Apocalips range is that, due to their extremely creamy/liquid consistency, they do have a tendency to take a while to dry, so care must be taken after application!
Are any of these in your makeup stash? I would love to know!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Find Me on Social Media!

I have recently created a Facebook page for my blog, and although you can click the direct links to my social media accounts over on my side bar, I thought I would do a quick post to make it clear where you can find me!
Feel free to head over and give me a cheeky follow/like, I would be very grateful!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Batiste Dry Conditioner

I picked this up a couple of months ago and have been slowly forming an opinion since. Although this is being promoted as a 'dry conditioner' it is more of a mist so can have a slight damp feel to it when applied to dry hair. The spray contains argon oil to help tame frizz and fly aways and generally smooth the ends of the hair.

I am always a bit cautious using products aimed to create smooth locks as this can mean adding oil to the hair, and that is something I definitely do not need as I suffer from greasy locks. I have used conditioning sprays before that are supposed to help detangle the midlengths and roots but I find they can make the hair sticky and don't even help with the problem.

This spray is a bit different as it is more of a mist which I find makes application much easier. I spray this to sections of the midlengths of my hair and then use a wide tooth comb to brush and style the hair. I find although this doesn't work miracles, it does a very good job at keep the ends of my hair refreshed and clean between washes, and does make the hair smoother and easier to style. My hair can become very frizzy and I find this helps with that aswell, however I don't like to use too much of the product to prevent that greasy shine. Not a good look!

Has anyone else tried this product?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On All Bright


As part of my night time skin routine I always use an eye roll on. This isn't because I suffer terribly with under eye circles, its more for the puffiness I tend to get under and around the eye area, not a good look! I usually stick to the same one but decided to try out this Botanics one to mix up my skin care routine a little bit. I haven't tried anything from the Botanics range since its rebrand a while ago so thought I would give something of their line a go.

This refreshing eye roll on contains hibiscus which supposedly has brightening properties aimed at dark circles, and also targets puffiness around the eye area. I apply the roll on under my eye and then on the eye lid and brow bone. The product has a gel like consistency which initially is very cooling, over once the product is 'rolled on' it blends in to the skin easily.

Unfortunately I haven't noticed a tremendous difference in the appearance of puffiness or dark circles, however it has improved the problem slightly. I also find this product can be quite hard to apply; unlike other roll ons, you need to squeeze the tube to release some of the product in able to apply to the skin. And I can imagine that when I come to the end of the tube I will become every so slightly frustrated!

So I haven't been overly impressed with this one and when I eventually finish it, I think I will try out a different brand.

Has anyone else tried this product? Are there any eye roll-ons you can recommend?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring Makeup

So for me Spring has most definitely sprung! I love Spring, not only because it means my birthday and bank holidays (I actually love bank holidays waaaaay more than my birthday or Christmas!) but it also means that the lovely, warmer weather is on its way.

Come the Spring time I tend to wear a bit less makeup and go towards the more natural look as I think this is very fitting with this time of year. So I thought I would show you a few of the products I love using to help achieve this look. I should mention that most of these products have been featured in favourites posts over the past few months.

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 02
A dewy glow is perfect for Spring time, and what better way to achieve it than with a peach cream blush?! I haven't used this blush for ages however as I have been wanting to look a little more natural yet radiant, I have been reaching for this time after time. This blush applies like a dream (hence the name perhaps?!) and blends very easily. It creates a beautiful fresh-faced look that is so perfect for this time of year.

Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer & Barbara Daly Kabuki Brush
Bronzer is probably my number one product for the warmer months, nothing beats a lovely bronzed face. In the cooler months I have been trying to master the art of contouring and, although I feel I have had some success, I think a sculpted face can look a little too harsh for creating that natural Spring look. So I have rediscovered my Kabuki brush, which I absolutely loved last summer, and have been using that to apply the bronzer. I still apply to the hollows of my cheeks and the temples, but I find using this brush doesn't leave a definied look as such, more of a natural bronzed glow.

Revlon Colourburt Matte Balm in Striking
Matte is a big trend for this year, and I didn't think I would like the matte lip look as much as I actually do. A lot of care for your lips is needed if using a matte lip product however when they are lovely and smooth, a matte lip looks absolutely beautiful yet not too overbearing. I have even found that the brighter shades work really well during the day, something I wouldn't normally do using glossy products. This matte balm from Revlon is a perfect shade for both day and night, and really finishes off that perfect Spring look.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Pricision Micro Eyeliner & Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liner in Taupe
During the daytime I don't like to wear eye liner as I feel I don't really need to. However if I am going out for dinner or drinks, I do like to make a bit more of an effort with my makeup, and I think a striking eye is a perfect way to do this. I have been using the Precision Micro Eyeliner on the top lash line to create a defined winged eye liner look. I then take the taupe eye liner on the waterline. I find that though this does create a beautifully definied eye, it doesn't look as heavy as using black eye liner on the water line. Remember, I like to look a little more au natural in the spring time and although I spruce things up for the evening, this shade eye liner helps tone things down.

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint
This product is great for creating a dewy glow that everyone strides to achieve during these warmer months. It has a creamy consistency to it but is quite thick yet very easy to work with. To create a perfect Spring glow I have been using this as a primer underneath a tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation as it just creates a more radiant base.

MUA Undress Me Palette
This is a brilliant palette and is something I use almost daily as it has a great shade range. However recently, I have found myself using more of the paler pink-hued shades, in particular the matte shadows. I find these perfect for Spring as they create an effect that doesn't attract too much attention and is perfect for both day and night time looks.

So there we have it, some of my favourite Spring products that I use to create a natural and radiant look.

Does anyone else use any of these products? Or anything similar?

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hd Brows Blusher


I received this blusher quite some time ago in a Glossybox. I've never tried any of Hd Brows products and its not a brand I have been desperate to try but saying that I have been very impressed with this blusher.

The shade is a cross between a rose gold and a berry. I say that because it is darker than my other rose gold shades however still has the shimmer effect, which actually works really well with the deeper berry shade. I have liked using this blush during the colder months as it is perfect at creating the outside flush that so many products aim to create. Also, this is probably the most pigmented blush I own. Yes, this is a good thing but this can also be slightly annoying as applying in rush is a no-go, it is very easy to apply too much of this product.
So after not hearing much about this brand or their products, I have been thoroughly impressed with the blusher. Its great when a sample in a beauty box is actually worth it.
Has anyone else tried this product? Or any other products from this brand?