Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup for the 'Over-Packers'

Now that Summer has arrived, for most, this means that holidays are drawing closer. Unfortunately I'm not going abroad this year but I am planning on a couple of short breaks so I thought I would show you what I plan on taking and why...

My skin gets very oily at this time of year and doesn't cope well with heavy-coverage foundation so I will be opting to take the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. I love this stuff because its lightweight and super easy to work with, plus it actually does some good for your skin. Also I wear this both day and night so is a great, versatile foundation.
For concealer I want something that is compact yet can cover both spots, blemishes and under the eyes. The Seventeen Phwoarr Paint is a favourite of mine as it is quite heavy duty so, if you want a day without foundation, then you can just use this on the areas that need a little touch up. Its very compact and easy to blend.
I'm not overly fussy on powder, it was between the Rimmel Stay Matte or the Rimmel Clear Complexion. The only reason I chose the Clear Complexion is because it is translucent whereas my Stay Matte is the shade Peach Glow. For me, powder is a necessity in the summer to hide the unwanted shine that my oily skin gives.  
So for this I think I have 3 options. The first is a large palette that has a number of different shades so I can create many different looks. My favourite from my collection has to be the MUA Undressed palette. It has a great selection of neutral shades, both warm and cool toned to create a number of different looks.
My second option would be a smaller palette consisting of 3 or four shades such as this L'Oreal Smoky Eye palette. These smaller palettes are good because, obviously, they are much more compact and if you pick the right one then you can still create a few different looks. I try to opt for more neutral based palettes as they will go with most looks.
Finally, individual eye shadows that are long lasting in this heat, such as the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's. These are great because they literally don't budge once they are on the eye. They are a bit clumpy but I could just take a couple that I could either wear together or individually.
For blush I like to have a couple of options. The Coralista blush by Benefit is great because it can double as a highlighter which is perfect for a summery make up look. Its also very well pigmented and I have it in a sample size making it super compact!
I also picked this NYX blush as it is small and compact compared to other blush's in my collection, but also the colour pay off is great and the shade is different to coralista so I can create a totally different look.
Lips is quite hard as a lot of lip products are pretty compact anyway. I haven't included a lipstick as I find in the heat lipsticks are hard to work with as they can melt and misshapen. Also, my lips can get quite dry in the heat so hence why I have opted for a tinted lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.
To jazz up my makeup look a little I have also included a gloss. This is a teeny tiny gloss I got as part of a set from primark and it is perfect for travelling due to its size.
Samples are a great thing to have to take away as they can be great, versatile products but are super compact so perfect to slip into your makeup bag. I have 3 samples from Benefit which I love. The first is the Coralista blush which I have mentioned above. I got this in a set along with my second Benefit sample-Sun Beam. Sun Beam is the perfect summer product as it creates a gorgeous sun-kissed effect on the skin. Plus, it can be easily blended using fingers so no need to take an extra brush.
The final Benefit sample size I have is the They're Real mascara. I bought this from Boots as its, obviously, much cheaper than the full size and as you should only use mascara for 3 months it really isn't worth me spending lots of money on a full size. This is a great mascara as it lengthens and gives amazing volume.
So there we have it, my travelling makeup kit! I'm surprised I managed to narrow it down as I am one of those 'over-packers'.
Do you have any of these products? What do you plan on taking on your hols with you?

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