Monday, 2 June 2014

Huge Beauty Haul

So....I went shopping. To be fair to me, I haven't been shopping in a really long time and although I got quite a lot of stuff I actually didn't spend that much money. I went to Boots, Superdrug and Topshop and got a few things that I've been eyeing up for a while and a few others just because why not?!

So first of all I hit Boots and although I could have picked up a whole hoard of things, I was actually quite well behaved. So the first few thing I got were some tanning products. Now that summer is upon us I want to give my skin that sun kissed glow that we all spend the winter months dreaming of. Lucky for me Boots had some money off deals across the tanning section including the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tan Body Moisturiser. I like gradual tans although they do take a lot of upkeep. I usual go for the Garnier Summer Body gradual tan but I'm mixing things up a bit and giving this one a go as its had excellent reviews. Another product that had money off is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Matte in Medium. This is a new release from Rimmel (they've had a bit of a relaunch for their Sun Shimmer range) and, again, I've heard pretty good things about this product in particular (not so much about some of their others) so thought I would give this a go too.
I don't actually own a tanning mitt so thought it wise to invest in one and picked up the Boots own Soltan one as its a bit cheaper than some of the others.

The next thing I got was the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser and this is something I have wanted forever but have been waiting for it to be on offer and, hurrah, it finally was! This is a body moisturiser in an aerosol form so you can just spray it on and you're done. For me this will be perfect for summer as I find thick body moisturisers take an absolute age to absorb into the skin, plus I'm a bit lazy when it comes to moisturising (although I'm getting much better!).

The last couple of things I got in Boots were some makeup items. First up is the Barry M Matte nail paint in Copa Cobana. Barry M have released some new additions to their Matte range (which I absolutely love fyi) and there are some gorgeous colours. This a bright, coral shade which I am planning on using mainly on my toes to give them a bright splash of colour.

The last thing I picked up were three of the Revlon Shadowlinks. I have been after these ever since they started circling the Blogosphere-I think they are a genius inventon. In every eye shadow palette I get there is always a shade I will never wear or a shade I don't like however with these you build up you're own palette and can continue adding to it. I picked up three shades- Petal, Candy and Plum. Petal is a satin finish, peachy cream shade which I think will be lovely as a highlighter. Candy is a pale bubblegum pink shade with a pearl finish which is lovely for simple everyday makeup. Plum is a deep matte, purple shade which will be great for contouring the eye.

So next I went to Topshop. I have to say,I never venture into Topshop, ever. And on this occasion I only went in with one thing in mind, to check out their makeup stand. I wasn't too sure what I wanted to purchase but I knew I wanted to try something from their beauty range. After swatching some of their many lipsticks and blushes, I decided to go for their Magic Liner as this is one of their standout products that I have heard a lot about. It is in a felt-tip pen form and although I have a few of these, I'm eager to see what Topshop makeup is like so I'm quite excited to give this a go.

Finally, I ventured into Superdrug and, again, I had one thing in mind that I wanted to buy. This is something I have wanted ever since their namesake announced it in her Vlogmas series and I have heard nothing but amazing things about this product. That, of course, is the Tanya Burr lip glosses. She also has a range of nail polishes but I'm more interested in the glosses. Firstly, an amazing shade range and it took me ages to decide what shade to go for. In the end I picked up Picnic In The Park as I think that is a shade I will get a lot of wear out of. I'm so excited to try this lipgloss and I'm pretty sure the next time I'm in town (that's the store nearest to me to stock the Tanya Burr range) I will be picking up another couple of shades.

So there we go! I'm going to be reviewing some of these products so keep an eye out if you're interested, and I'm also thinking of doing a mini series on tanning at some point this month.

Have you done any shopping lately? Leave any links to haul posts/videos below!


  1. the colour of the tanya burr lipgloss looks amazing! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. It looks gorgeous doesn't it?! x