Saturday, 31 May 2014

V05 Plump It Up

Want big, volumous hair?! Then look no further! This is an amplifying blow dry lotion which is designed to add volume to the hair during he drying process. It also acts as a heat defence which is always a bonus with a hair product. The product claims to make hair feel and look thicker and healthy, calm frizz and static flyaways, and protect against any heat damage.

I spray this all over damp hair and then blow dry my hair upside down, as this is a good way of adding volume anyway. Once my hair is dry you can automatically see a difference. It feels lighter yet bouncier and has much more body to it than before. The spray is also very lightweight and doesn't leave a film or make the hair crispy at all.

I would say this spray is an absolute winner for me, it adds gorgeous amounts of bounce and volume and leaves the hair looking and feeling smooth. If you are a fan of big hair then this should definitely be on your shelf!

Has anyone else tried this product?

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