Thursday, 15 May 2014

Empties #4

So here are just a few products that I have used up over the last couple of months.

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser
I love these! You apply them after using shower gel and then wash off. It doesn't have quite the same effect as using a thick moisturiser after the shower as obviously that has more time to absorb into the skin, but if you're in a rush or, like me, like the quick and easy approach then these are definitely for you! I will absolutely be repurchasing this.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Facial Scrub
This product has lasted me ages. I use it a couple of times a week just to refresh my face and give the skin a light exfoliate. This wash has a very strong citrus scent which I love but just be warned it is very strong and sometimes slightly over bearing. Whilst I haven't noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin after using this, it definitely makes the skin feel more fresh and wakes me up on those dull early mornings. I've got a few other facial exfoliaters to try but I would definitely consider this in the future.

Tresemme Deep Cleanse Shampoo
I mentioned this in my last favourites post (see here) and I'm gutted that I've finished it, although due to the size of the bottle it has lasted me an age! It gives the hair such a deep clean however doesn't feel to heavy on the hair and is easy to wash out too. I have been using this every time I wash my hair for the last month and my hair has felt in excellent condition. I haven't seen this in stores since I purchased it but I will definitely keep am eye out for it! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde
I seem to be getting through a lot of dry shampoo at the moment, I recently started increasing the time between washing my hair so instead of washing it every 2 days, I now wait every 3 days, so ive been using dry shampoo on that last day just to soak up some of that unwanted grease that tends to hag around. Batiste is my preferred brand for dry shampoo s I usually go for that when in Boots or Superdrug.
No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream
This little pot of beauty has lasted me ages. What I have loved about using this is how luxurious it feels on the skin. Its very light and silky but I wake upthe next morning with super soft skin. Also, this night cream is designed for oily skin so it has hydrated my skin without giving it too much unwanted shine. I will definitely repurchase this.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Mini
My favourite S&G product, I love everything about this! The scent is gorgeous, the texture is creamy and rich, and it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and soft. I already have a full size version of this waiting to be opened!

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