Sunday, 11 May 2014

L'Oreal Absolute Makeup Remover Eye & Lip

In my skin care routine I have two different eye make up removers that I use; one for everyday eye make up and one for heavy eye make up. I use the Simple Kind To Skin eye makeup remover for everyday makeup however I am always chopping and changing the makeup remover I use for heavy eye make up.

After seeing this product pop up on a few blogs I decided to give it a go. It has been named as a dupe for the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover so I thought it must be worth the hype. The eye makeup remover is divided into two parts-blue and clear. The blue part is oil based which dissolves eye make up including waterproof, whereas the clear part is a lotion to soothe eyes and leave them feeling oil-free and fresh. The idea is that before using on a cotton wool pad, you mix the two solutions together by shaking the bottle, then apply to a cotton wool pad and use to remove eye makeup.

I have a few criticisms with this product unfortunately. First, the packaging is really unpractical and sometimes I end up pouring way to much of the solution out of the bottle because of its square shape, a lot of the remover is released and this can be extremely annoying. Secondly, I find that although I mix the solution in the bottle, it very quickly separates once on the cotton wool pad, whether it is supposed to do this I'm not sure but I've never known a two-part remover to do this. My final criticism is that although this product claims to be non-greasy I have found that it is very much the opposite! After using this to remove my eye make up, I am left with an oily film over the skin around my eyes, not ideal!

So unfortunately although this product does the job of removing the makeup, due to packaging faults and being overly greasy, I just can't get on with it. This is really disappointing because I've never tried the Clarins version so was quite looking forward to using this but I have just been left disappointed.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I would love to hear your recommendations for other eye makeup removers.


  1. Ah this is a shame, I had high hopes for this as it's in the same range as their micellar cleanser. There's nothing I hate more than a greasy eye makeup remover, so I will probably give this one a miss! Thanks for the review :)

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. I'm using the miceller water at the moment and although ive had the same problem with the packaging, I actually really like the product itself. you're welcome :) xx

  2. I did a post on the Olay eye makeup remover if you want to check it out. Highly recommended product xo