Thursday, 5 June 2014

Barry M Silk in Pearl

 This collection of 'Silk' polishes was released a couple of months ago. The polishes come in a range of pastel shades and are of a matte finish with a slight pearly sheen to it. I picked up the shade Pearl as I don't have any white polishes and I find white can tend to look a bit tacky with just a matte finish.
Like most Barry M polishes, this polish is easy to apply, with a not-to-watery consistency and quick drying time. I also found with this polish that it only required one coat to achieve the opaque look however I usually apply two coats to prevent chips etc. anyway. The finish is exactly what the bottle promises and is unlike anything I have worn on my nails before. Do I like it? Well I'm not sure about that really. I'm not sure if its the shade that doesn't work for me or the odd finish, but for some reason I can't take to this polish very well. I also find with this type of finish it can look very similar to polishes aimed at the older generation which, although looks lovely, isn't really the look I am going for.
I think this one is very much down to individual taste as the finish is quite different to any of the other offerings out there. I might pick up another shade just to give it a fair chance however I don't think Pearl will be gracing my fingernails much in the next few months.
Have you tried any of the Silk range from Barry M? I would love to know your thoughts! 

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