Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Whats In My Handbag?

I love reading posts like this, they're a proper nosy look into what people use and carry around with them on a day to day basis. I recently bought a new bag so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you exactly what I carry around with me in my bag.

Tesco Handbag
 I recently bought this new bag after months of searching for one. I had in my mind what I wanted-spacious, comfortable to hold and a neutral shade. This beauty was in Tesco for just £16! The strap is long enough to carry on your shoulder comfortably and the bag itself is big enough to carry anything you want pretty much. This would also be perfect for a hand luggage bag. Inside there is the main section of the bag and then a zipped pocket on one side (this is where my phone lives) and another loose pocket on the other side.
I bought this diary in Tesco also, I fell in love with the print. It has a day-per-page view so is big enough to scribble down all my plans. I couldn't fit this in my bag before so I'm really glad I can finally carry it around with me.
Twinings Jasmine Green Tea Tea Bags
I don't drink hot drinks (I will always make an exception for hot chocolate!) however I love a cup of jasmine tea every day but, obviously, hardly anywhere I visit has a store of jasmine tea so I find it much easier just to carry these around with me for those occasions.
Pink Leather Purse
My parents picked this purse up for me from Tunisia a month or so ago. My old purse was in an awful state (full of receipts surprise surprise!) so I was very welcoming to a new purse. Plus I love the colour!
Soap & Glory Mist You Body Spray
I love this spray and I find it much lighter than perfume so I spray it on me throughout the day. This also means I don't go through hoards and hoards of perfume.
Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume
Although I carry around a body spray that I mainly use, I do like to have the option for a perfume with me, especially if I'm going somewhere straight from work and I need a spritz of something a bit heavier. The perfume I use changes on a weekly basis (I'm planning on doing a perfume post soon) but this one by Katy Perry is one of my favourites. I won't embarrass myself or bore you by trying to explain the scent, but just know its lovely and suitable for both daytime and evening wear.
Allergy Relief Tablets
HAYFEVER *cue angry face with one sniffling nose*. Hayfever hits me every single year but this year it has been an absolute pain. I am also now taking a nasal spray but I keep putting off going to my doctor. Do you have any quick fixes for hayfever? Let me know.
Make Up Bag
This is the bag I carry around with products I need to either cover up a sudden spot, to moisturise my lips or just to spruce up my look a bit. I have a concealer, a mascara, an eye liner, a lipstick, a lip gloss, two lip balms and a mirror. Again, the contents of this bag changes on a weekly basis to make sure I make the most of all the products I have and just to keep things interesting.
Summer has finally arrived so out comes the sunglasses. I picked these up from Primark for a bargain price and they are perfect for wearing on those blinding days.
So there we have it. Do you have any posts like these? Please leave links to them below.


  1. I love whats in my bag posts I'm so so nosy haha! I love that stay time concealer btw :)



    1. Yea I love them too ha :) yea its great that concealer, im nearly empty xx