Friday, 6 June 2014

May Non Beauty Favourites

Summer Dresses
As the weather has been getting a bit better (huge emphasis on the word 'bit') I have dug out all of my summer clothes and made a transition into my wardrobe. Obviously my favourite piece of clothing(s) to be retrieved for the summer has got to be my summer dresses. I have to admit, I am a slight hoarder when it comes to dresses, obsessed may be the word?! Anyway I have been loving throwing one on to go and meet friends or just to run about town getting jobs done. The only thing is now I'm going to have give fake tanning another go *scared face*.

Prison Break
How have I not seen this programme before?! I love it! A friend recommended it to me, and I haven't stopped watching it since! The idea behind the series is the main character (Wentworth Miller ;)) is trying to help his brother escape from Death Row by being given a prison sentence and hatching an escape plan. The twist is, is that he effectively helped design the prison so therefore has a huge advantage (he has the blue prints of the prison TATTOOED on his body). Each episode has been amazing and the series is incredibly addictive. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Yes, there are some gory and gruesome parts but just have a pillow handy and you'll be fine.

Man, I have been loving YouTube this month. It has become not just a habit but a routine to climb into bed about an hour before I want to sleep and catch up on all my fave YouTube channels. I watch mainly beauty videos but also love vlogs and health/fitness videos too. I am planning on doing a Top 5 YouTube Channels' post soon so keep an eye out for that to see exactly who I love watching!

Diet Coke
So this is very naughty of me! I used to drink 2 litres of Coca Cola everyday however I gave up about 3 years ago when I realised the damage I could be doing to my body, plus I knew that was preventing me from losing weight. However this last month or so I've been partial to the odd Diet Coke when I've been out for a meal or sat in the garden enjoying the sun. Naughty I know, but I have also been drinking copious amounts of water to make up for my treat.

Another random selection of songs but these songs seem to be going perfectly with the nice weather, I have had Sigma on constant repeat in my car when driving around with my shades on and the windows down.
Rascal Flatts-Life Is A Highway
Sigma-Nobody To Love
Boyce Avenue-Speed Limit
Rita Ora-I Will Never Let You Down

So there we have it, my non-beauty faves! I like doing these posts, every now and then its nice to do a non-beauty-related post. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Does anyone else do these types of posts? I would love to read them so feel free to leave any links below!


  1. Totally with you on Youtube and diet coke. I have to make time for catching up on videos! Josie xxx

    1. Oh yea me too, its such an important part of my day now haha xx