Friday, 10 January 2014

What's In My...Gym Bag

So, like many of you I bet, January is the month that I get back on track with my diet, fitness, and just overall healthiness (not sure that's a word?!). Anyway, in an effort to motivate others, I thought I would show you all what I take with me when I visit the gym.

I recently upgraded my gym bag from the medium grip Nike bag to the large. Although the smaller one had a compartment for my shoes, this one is so much better for carting everything around in. I also added this Slazenger water bottle to my collection-I know these are supposed to cause food poisoning but I've never had problems with them before AND I have been washing this one after every use.

As you can see the bag has two compartments-the main part of the bag for all the bulky things I carry around like my trainers, towels, toiletries bag and gym kit. The compartment at the end is more roomy than it looks but I just put any loose bits in there so I don't lose them in amongst my gym kit and towels.

Face Wipes
I know this is incredibly naughty, but they are handy just to quickly remove any make up before a workout or before going swimming-no one likes panda eyes after all!

Tangle Teezer
My favourite brush has to accompany me to the gym. When I wash my hair it can get very knotty so this little beauty always comes in handy.

Does this really need an explanation? Basically I don't want to smell vile in the gym, and a smaller bottle is easier to cart around.

I use these in every shower I have. They're brilliant for saving shower gel as they lather up so much, plus they're great for exfoliating.

IPhone/IPod case and Headphones
I cannot work-out without some decent music and as none of my gym kit has pockets, this arm case is perfect for work-out sessions. Its also great for when I exercise outdoors. The only downside is its a bit of a pain to get my iPhone in and out of the case if I want to change a song or turn the volume up or down.

Swimming Costume
The gym I go to is linked to a spa so as part of my membership I get full use of the spa facilities. This includes a swimming pool so as part of my new year fitness regime, I am going to try to go swimming once a week. I'm not the strongest swimmer in the world but I want to try and improve that by swimming more often.

Gym Kit
I have a variety of clothes to work out in but this is what I normally go for-a pair of yoga pants, a sports top and, of course, a trusty sports bra. These trousers I got from H&M last year and I love them, they are so easy to move in. The top and the bra are both recent purchases from the Sports Direct sale.
I love these beauties. I got them a few months ago from a Nike Outlet store (they are included in a haul I posted here). They are so comfy and perfect for working out in. However they are very bulky so can be a pain if I'm using equipment with foot straps such as an exercise bike or a rowing machine.

Face Moisturiser
I have a selection of face moisturisers to choose from, but this is my current favourite. It is from Simple (which is one of my favourites anyway) and isn't greasy, and has a lovely fresh feel about it. After washing my face in the shower, I think its important to moisturise too, especially in these colder months.

Hair Oil
I use this after I have washed my hair just to add some moisture back into the ends. This one is the coconut beautifying oil from The Body shop which You can see my full review of here.

Another obvious choice I'm sure?!
Face Wash
I always take a face wash to the gym with me just to give my face a good clean after working out as, obviously, my face can get quite sweaty so its nice to give it a proper wash. I'm currently loving this one purely because of the scent-its very fresh and wakes me up a bit if I'm feeling tired after a work-out.
Shower Gel
Another obvious choice however I always pick a shower gel with a strong, refreshing scent because after a work out you may be a bit sweaty and pongy so a strong scent is a must really to feel squeaky clean!
Body Moisturiser
I don't always use the in-shower one but I've been loving this at the minute so I normally reach for this. However I do have a selection of moisturisers and body butters that I choose from to take with me to keep my skin moisturised, especially during these colder months.

Shampoo and Conditioner
I usually wash my hair at the gym, in fact I try to time my visits as to when I need my hair washing. The shampoo is one I've been using at the minute however I'm not sold on it at all, I definitely won't be repurchasing this. On the other flip of the coin, my favourite conditioners are back! I love Herbal Essences anyway so when I heard the classic range was making a comeback I did a little skip of joy for my hair (ok I didn't but you get the gist). The smell is so beautiful and these conditioners leave my hair feeling so soft and smooth, I'm so happy they have brought them back!
So that is it folks! I love posts like this purely because I'm one hell of a nosey parker. I hope you've enjoyed reading and that it has given you a bit of motivation to start working out-I swear just getting myself to the gym is the hardest part!
Does anyone else have a post similar? I would love to have a nose!

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