Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014-A New Start

Whilst 2013 did have its ups (i.e. starting my QCF qualification and setting up my blog) in general it was one of the toughest years yet. With a long battle of major insecurity and anxiety, life was damn hard. However I have made a decision that as of 2014, I am turning over a new leaf! I want to be a more positive and happier person. There are three main ways that I am planning to change my life for the better:

1) Managing My Finances
The last couple of years have been difficult with money, I have never been sensible with it and have been an absolute shopoholic! However I have decided to try and live by a budget of £40 a week but once a month will allow myself £50. This budget will need to include petrol money, food and any other spends including nights out. I will also record everything that I spend my money on as a way of reflecting and analysing my spending habits. In line with this, I will keep another log of all my outgoings and incomings from my bank account, just so I can stay on top of things really. Being in control of my money gives me prospects for the future i.e. saving, moving out.

2) Leading a Healthy Life
My weight has always fluctuated. I have never been massive but I'm never happy with my body and I have the worst eating habits ever! I have decided to try and stick to a meal plan and an exercise plan. I have bought a diet and fitness journal to help me with this, and I have also subscribed to Women's Health magazine. I am very determined to slim down and tone up ready for the warmer months next year. I am not doing this for anyone else but me, I want to feel more confident and just generally more healthy.

3) Bridget Jones meets A Little Gem
After speaking to a few different people about stress relief, keeping a journal seems to be quite a popular method and I do find writing down my thoughts quite therapeutic. Also, I think it will be nice to be able to look back and see how I've felt at different times of the year.

I do have a few other resolutions but I'm going to keep those to myself. I also have big plans for the blog in 2014, I want to branch out a little bit (even though beauty blogging is my one true love ha). I am going to start doing a few more lifestyle posts including A Month in Instagram, Places I've Been and an on-going update posts on the resolutions mentioned above.

I really love blogging and it has given my something to focus on and build. Every time I hit a new milestone is such an achievement for me so thank you to everyone that reads my tiny corner of the World Wide Web.

Does anyone else have any New Year Resolutions? I hope you all have a brilliant New Year!


  1. What a good idea for the New Year :) Good luck with your goals xx

    Anoushka xx