Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Product Review-Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Cream

This newest range of moisturisers from Garnier have actually been around for a little while now however I have only just jumped on the bandwagon. These moisturisers are said to be tailored to suit different types of skin. There are 5 different types, each type comes in a different coloured packaging and are designed to meet certain needs.
The yellow-packaged moisturiser is called Protect and Glow and is aimed at 'normal' skin (whatever normal is hey). This cream contains SPF 20 which is ideal in the hotter months or if you're abroad somewhere sunny. The second moisturiser, Start Afresh, is for 'normal/dry' skin and has a blue packaging. It is designed to keep the skin hydrated for up to 24 hours without the greasy feel of some moisturisers. Goodbye Dry... is a pink-packaged cream for 'dry/very dry' skin and is a rich yet non greasy moisturiser and is suitable for sensitive skin. The fourth in this range is called Wake Me Up and designed for those with 'dull' skin. The moisturiser claims to boost radiance and is a gel-type formula. The last in the range, and the one I have opted for, is called Shine Be Gone. It comes in green packaging and is aimed at those with 'combination/oily' skin like mine.
I bought this moisturiser after months of it being advertised everywhere and then there was an offer in one of the drug stores so I decided to try it out. Prior to this I received a couple of samples but these were for the dry skin and the very dry skin which isn't ideal for my face especially in these warmer months. I've really struggled with my skin this summer as it been very oily and greasy a lot of the time. Nothing was working for it and I found the more products I used the worse it seemed to make my skin. So I picked this one as it professed to be a mattifying cream. I started using it in the morning after washing my face and although the shine hasn't gone completely (that would be a miracle!) it has definitely calmed down a lot and doesn't seem as oily or greasy as before. I just apply a pea size amount to my face, gently rubbing it in. The cream absorbs pretty quickly and feels nice and light on the skin. I've also used this a few times as a primer before applying my base makeup and its done a pretty good job with that. The cream has a very fresh scent which makes me like it even more.
I obviously haven't tried the others and even if I did the review would be pointless because I wouldn't be using the full benefits of the moisturisers as they are tailored to meet certain skin needs. However I would absolutely recommend this cream as a morning moisturiser or even just as a primer because I think its a really lovely product.

Has anyone else tried any of the products from this range? How did you get on?


  1. I was so looking forward to the Garnier Moisture March moisturisers but I tried one and had a horrible reaction to it so I'm completely put off them now! It's good to know others are enjoying them though xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  2. I had a bad reaction also, my face is red and burnt. I have never reacted to any other mousturiser before.