Friday, 6 September 2013

Tesco Haul

I know that people can be a bit snobby when it comes to supermarket clothing but I love them, and I love buying a good beauty bargain from the supermarket aswell.

Berry Peplum Top
I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it! The colour alone drew me in as its a lovely colour for autumn, but I really like a Peplum and I know they look very flattering. I also think the black sheer panel under the collar of the top is a bit different and an attractive detail to the top. The texture is quite different aswell and something I haven't seen before. This top is something I would wear on an evening either going out for food, to the pub or into town to hit a few bars. I think I will probably pair this top with a pair of black or denim jeans and then some heels and a blazer.
Navy Cardigan
I have been after a new navy cardigan for ages as my old one is now used for work. Although this one is a bit thicker than I would like, its fits lovely and I think it will be really cosy when the months get a colder. Its quite a versatile cardigan, I could wear it during the day with a dress or a pair of jeans and a top, or on a casual evening to the pub.

Green Vest
Another item that I had to have as soon as I saw it. This isn't a colour I would normally go for but it actually quite suits my skin tone. The reason I love this top is the texture of the front of the top. Its almost got a mock croc-type finish to it but the back is just cotton. Its very loose fitting so would be perfect to wear out for food. Another item that I could wear during the day or out on an evening.
Green Studded Shoes
Once again this isn't a colour I would normally go for but it was another item that as soon as I saw it I had to get it. They're really comfortable and I love the shape of these shoes, I just think they're quite classy in their fit. The studs also add a bit of grunge to the pair without being too obvious. The best part was they were reduced to 50% off! I think they would look really nice with my acid wash jeans, a plain vest and my leather jacket.
Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo
I am a massive shampoo and conditioner hoarder. If one of my favourite brands are on offer I will most definitely purchase a couple of bottles so I've got them ready. Pantene isn't a brand I always go for but I now they are good quality products. This bottle was half price so I can't go wrong really.
E45 Cream
I suffer with dry skin on the top of my arms and during the summer, as it hasn't been so bad, I've just been using a light E45 lotion but as the weather is going to change soon, I need something a bit thicker and more moisturising for the skin. This E45 cream was on offer in Tesco and I would have been a fool not to have purchased it. Although its only a small tub, because its so thick and I only use it on one area of my body, it should definitely see me through the cooler months.

Shower Gels-Imperial Leather Soft Touch Shower Cream and Palmolive Pampering Touch Shower Cream
Something else I like to keep in stores are shower gels. In Tesco or Asda they have always got shower gels on offer so I just have a whiff and pick the smell I like the most and Bob's your uncle. What's the point in spending loads of money on a product when you can get one at a fraction of the price?!

So, that was my little spree in Tesco. I do love supermarket shopping, I could get lost in there for hours! Has anyone else picked up some real bargains from a supermarket recently??


  1. That peplum top is a gorgeous colour xxx

    1. Thanks, I love it :) perfect for Autumn xx