Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Product Review: Real Techniques Core Collection

This is a product I have been after for quite a while. I always find with make up brushes that they are crazy over priced and that they're pretty universal. I had read countless reviews on these brushes, and every single 'Get Ready With Me' video or make up tutorial I watched, these were featured at some point. I had put off buying them purely because of the price but the more I heard these rave reviews the more I knew I had to try them out.

So the Core Collection consists of 4 brushes-a Buffing Brush, a Contour Brush, a Detailer Brush and a Pointed Foundation Brush.

Buffing Brush

This was the one I was most excited to use as it always has excellent reviews. I decided to try it for the first time with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I dabbed a little on to the brush and then 'buffed' the foundation onto the skin. When I say 'buffed' I mean that I dabbed the brush gently onto my skin and moved in very small circles so that the foundation blended in and gave an even coverage. I have to admit I honestly didn't expect such good results, I thought it would be another overrated product. However I was pleasantly surprised. Using this brush changed the way I apply my make up, it leaves such a flawless finish. I have since used it with concealer and that has also had the same effect. This brush leaves a very smooth and even finish, and makes sure the product blended perfectly.

Contour Brush

I am certainly not a contouring kind of girl, the whole idea scares me however I am always willing to attempt to contour, just very subtly. I already have a bronzer brush and a blush brush that I am happy using so I suppose I could use this brush for highlighter, or to just blend so I don't have any lines. I accidently picked this brush up instead of the buffing brush and it does a fantastic job at blending in concealer under and around the eye. I know that's not the proper use of the brush but I have found it works really well.

Detailer Brush

I have used this brush for a couple of things. Firstly was for applying concealer under the eye, especially towards the corners and just making sure there is no build up of product that the larger brush might have missed. I have also used this to apply the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I find using an eye shadow blending brush to be a bit to soft for this product, but this brush seems to work wonderfully. I use it too apply the product to the outer part of the lid and build up the colour. I then use an eye shadow brush just to blend.

Pointed Foundation Brush

This is the only brush of the collection that I am not sold on. As I have said, I use the Buffing Brush for my liquid foundation and have found that works so much better than this brush. This brush feels like you are painting the foundation onto your skin, and it leaves stroke marks on the skin. The only area this brush is good for is around the nostrils as the tip of the brush can blend any foundation that might have been missed by the bigger brush.

So there we have it! I am glad that I bought these brushes as I really wanted to try them and, apart from the Pointed Foundation Brush, they have really impressed me and lived up to their name.

Has anyone found a good use for the Pointed Foundation Brush? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. This is such a good set! I love how it even comes with a case / stand - such a great idea!
    I have used this brush set non-stop since I bought it a few months ago !
    I do actually use the pointed foundation brush for my liquid foundation but use more of a patting technique instead if brushing the foundation on.
    This is a great post - I love your blog!
    Rachel x

    1. Its amazing, its literally changed how I apply my make up! Ah I see, I might give it a go then, don't wanna let it just go to waste:(
      Ah thanks hun :) x