Saturday, 22 February 2014

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion

If you haven't heard of the Moisture Match range from Garnier, well first of all where have you been?! They are a range of creams that are suited to different types of skin and each have their own qualities, benefits and properties. I already have the Mattifying Fresh Cream which you can see a review of here, which is a cream for those with oily skin to help keep shine at bay. However in these last couple of months, I have noticed that my skin has appeared quite dull and lifeless and I thought it needed something to give it a bit of a lift. As I got on so well with the mattifying cream I thought I would give the Protect and Glow Illuminating Light Lotion a go.
This cream is designed to give skin a non greasy hydration, illuminate skin and protect from UV rays. The cream is very light compared to the other one I have tried, which I like as it doesn't feel too heavy or greasy on the skin. I can't say I have noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of my skin which is a bit of a disappointment, however what I have found is this lotion is great to use underneath base make up, not necessarily for its priming qualities but it does make my make up appear more 'glowy', which is after all the look I want to achieve.
So although I'm not completely amazed with this product, it does have some good properties, and with its SPF it's always a good lotion to reach for.
Has anyone ese tried this cream or any others from the moisture match collection?

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