Sunday, 15 December 2013

3 New Brushes

Ever since I got my Real Techniques Core Collection, I have wanted more and more of their brushes. I decided to go for the Blush Brush, the Stippling Brush and the Setting Brush.
The Blush Brush is the one I wanted the most-due to my original blush brush being pretty rubbish. This brush is the perfect size for me to apply powder blush onto the apples of my cheeks, its also very soft so I can really control the amount of colour in my cheeks by lightly dusting the brush over my cheeks.
I had heard of the Stippling Brush the most out of all three of these brushes so I was eager to try it out. I have been using it to apply cream blush and highlighter. I do like this brush as it makes applying these products much easier however its very difficult to control the amount of product you apply. When I first started using this brush I would end up with really rosy cheeks or really shiny highlighter, but since I have managed to learn a technique that works a bit better for me.
The Setting Brush is the one I have used the least. Its a lovely brush, I just forget about that step of applying my make up. I bought it with the intention of using powder to set my concealer under my eyes and in any other awkward areas, however I forget to do it most of the time! The times I have used this brush its worked lovely, and has had the desired effect. I think the more I get used to using it the better really.
So out of them all, my favourite is probably the blush brush just because its so lovely and easy to use, and applies just the right amount of blush to my face.
Has anyone else tried any of these brushes?


  1. I LOVE the stippling brush! I love using it after I've applied the majority of my foundation (either with the expert face brush or buffing brush) to apply the last bit! I think its gives such a nice finish! I've asked for the blush brush for Christmas after hearing so many good things about it, as well as the duo fibre collection! xx

    1. The blush brush is definitely worth adding to your collection! I love Real Techniques, I don't think you can fault them overall for quality :)