Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Vampy Lips

Now I know Halloween is well and truly over and, in fact, it is a distant memory to us all, but during the Halloween party period I picked up this Collection lipstick in Scorned from their Gothic Glam collection. I bought it with the thought of wearing it during the cold months (i.e. NOW) as the deep plum shade is so beautiful and wearble in Winter.
This shade is extremely dark, much darker than I first anticipated. I wore it out to dinner with my Nan and she was worried I might suddenly turn gothic/emo/whatever the modern term is, however I quickly reassured her I was trying out a new lip shade (although surely my blonde hair and floral print dress reassured her more than that?!). I asked on twitter a couple of times what makeup is best to wear with a deep shade as I had no idea where to start. I decided on simple makeup and hair so that all the focus was on the lips.
On first impressions, I do like this shade however I don't think it suits my pale skin. Also, I found this lipstick ddn't last very long and due to it being such a noticeable shade, I was constantly checking and applying more throughout the evening.
Although I liked experimenting with new makeup and shades, I don't think this one is for me. It is just way too dark, maybe someone with a darker skin tone, or a brunette?!
Has anyone else had similar problems?

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