Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites


So Christmas is most definitely here now that we're coming into December. So that means another favourites post of course. I found it quite hard to pick out my favourites of this month, I've bought and been trying out a lot of new products so its been hard to pick out a few absolute favourites when I've been using so many different things.

Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care
I now have a small (ish) collection of Baby Lips. I added Hydrate and Intense Care to my collection this month and although I have been loving both of them, Intense Care is now my absolute favourite lip balm. It is clear so has no tint, but still has the creamy consistency of Baby Lips. I have been applying Intense Care under any lip product or just on its own overnight and have found it is keeping my lips ultra smooth and hydrated during these colder moths.

Babyliss Heated Rollers
I was starting to grow bored of my usual straight hair look, and as the weather has cooled down, my hair doesn't seem to be as frizzy and is much more workable. I have been using the larger rollers to create more volume in my hair, and then the smaller rollers for curls. I'm still experimenting with different looks using these, but I absolutely love them. They're so easy to use and work with, and they don't seem to dry my hair out as much as other heated rollers have in the past.

L'Oreal Elnette Styling Spray
I have three of these sprays-volume, waves and straight-and I absolutely love all of them! The straight spray is fantastic at creating glossy locks even without the use of a straightening iron. I have been using volume probably the most, either when blow drying my hair or using the heated rollers. It doesn't give me huge hair and make me look like a lollipop but it definitely adds volume and removes the flat look that my hair sometimes carries. Waves is the one I have used the least, but I like using it with my heated rollers just to create more natural looking waves in my hair, as well as those created by the rollers. These sprays are so good, they have a lovely scent, and they're heat protectors which is the best part.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush
This is my first Sleek product, and if all their products live up to their names like this one, then I'm sold! This is a such a beautiful shade, and the blush is so well pigmented, its definitely worth its drugstore price tag. In fact, I have heard many people compare the Sleek blushes to those from Nars, however I cannot make that comparison myself as I have never tried a Nars blush. Anyway, I love this blush and I think its a perfect Autumn/Winter shade. I am definitely going to be adding a few more Sleek products to my collection.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold
Colour Tattoos are such a genius creation. They can be used on their own, as base or to create a perfect eye look. This colour is slowly becoming my favourite shade, its such a lovely Autumnal shade and looks beautiful on its own, or sometimes I add a slight paler shade to create some highlighted contour.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy
I have been using this morning facial wash for a few months now, but now that the mornings are dark and a lot more colder, getting out of bed seems to be such a challenge. I find this facial wash really helps to 'wake up' my skin, and the refreshing scent is gorgeous too. I apply this to my face and gently rub in to the skin. I then use warm water to wash it off.

So there we go, another month of favourites. What products have you been loving this month? I would love to know!


  1. Awww I love the elnett heat protect always leaves my hair so silky smooth! An I don't even straighten my hair ! :) xxxx

    1. I've stopped straightening my hair now, these sprays are that good! xx