Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Huge Haul

Every time it comes to the end of the month and pay day draws sooner with each day, I develop a mental list (and then usually write it down in one of my 1735289 notepads) of all the things I want need. So with this list in my head, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to go to the biggest Tesco store ever to pick up a 'couple' of things.

I'm not going to talk about every single thing I bought because I plan on reviewing most of the products but I will just mention a few things. Also, the stretch mark lotion and the Winnie The Pooh toy is for one of my best friend's whose baby is due any day. Just in case anyone got the wrong end of the stick (mother if you are reading this you have a long time to wait I'm afraid).

Pink Slippers-£4.00
Underwear Set-£8.00
Red Printed Snood-£5.00
Kimono style Jacket-£7.00-This isn't something I would normally go for but I think it looks so elegant and beautiful yet doesn't stand out too much and will be easy to wear with lots of different items. I can't wait to wear this.
Winnie The Pooh-£6.50
Cotton Wool Pads-£1.00
Nivea Tinted Moisturiser-£3.49-I have been after a new tinted moisturiser/BB cream for a while now as I'm bored with my current Rimmel one, so I thought I would give this a little go!
Maybelliene The Falsies Mascara-£6.00
Vivo Colour Wash lipgloss-£1.00
Herbal Essences Bee Strong Hair Mask-£2.19-I love Herbal Essences hair masks anyway, but I personally think this is the best. It does an amazing job at keeping your hair stronger, and teamed with the shampoo and conditioner from the range it is a winning combination.
L'Oreal Ever Sleek No Sulphates Shampoo and Conditioner-£3.99 each
Glow in the Dark Nail Polish-£1.00-This buy was purely for Halloween, I thought it would spruce up my somewhat boring outfit.
L'Oreal Ever Strong No Sulphates Shampoo and Conditioner-£3.99 each
Radox Revive Shower Gel-£0.95
Pantene Volume and Body Hairspray-£2.78 (Buy one get one free)
Pantenna Extra Strong Hairspray-Free
Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks-£2.94
Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Shampoo and Conditioner-£1.89 each

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