Saturday, 9 November 2013

October Non-Beauty Favourites

So hopefully you caught my beauty favourites, if not have a little look here. But I thought I would do a little lifestyle post about all the other things I'm loving at the moment. Possibly a bit random but hey ho.

TV shows-Made In Chelsea, Magaluf Weekender and Downton Abbey
I love love love this time of year because some of my favourite programs make their return to my tv! If you haven't seen them I'll give you a quick rundown. Made In Chelsea is a reality-drama show (think TOWIE). All the cast lead such amazing lives, which involves numerous parties and events, and plenty of gossip. I get so caught up in it. Magaluf Weekender is about a hotel in Magaluf and two groups of guests that stay there for a long weekend. The groups are different every week and one group is male while the other is female. Add that with lots and lots of drinking and you can guess al the drama that happens! The reps are consistent throughout the series and they bring just as much entertainment. Downton Abbey is a period drama that is currently set in the 1920s. Its centres around the Crawley family who live and run Downton Abbey, and their staff. Its such a beautiful programme and has amazingly gripping stories. I love it!

Red Daisy Primark Dress
I got this dress a couple of months ago but I love it so much. Its fitted on the upper body, has a zip on the side to loosen it, and then flows past the waist and ends just above your knee. At first I thought this dress was a summer dress but I've recently worn it with some black tights, boots and my coat and scarf and I think it works. So its wearable throughout all seasons really. Win Win!

A Song Of Ice And Fire
If you've watched Game of Thrones then you will know this book, but for those who haven't think Lord of the Rings but much more gory and a lot of incest and sex scenes. Its such a good story but I have found reading the book is much better as it explains everything so much better than the TV show, but the show is brilliant at bringing things to life!

My favourite favourite favourite drink in the whole world has to be Ribena. However as I'm tight and don't justify spending £5 on squash I always wait for it to be on offer at my local supermarket. Its so refreshing and every time I drink it again I remember how good it is.

Songs-Disco Love by The Saturdays, Azonto by Fuse ODG and Changes by Tupac
Is it just me or has there been quite a few new amazing songs released recently? I love The Saturdays anyway but Disco Love has literally been on repeat so much on my IPhone. Its quite an upbeat song and the lyrics are nice and easy to sing along with (something I ALWAYS do). Fuse ODG's Antenna was my favourite summer song, and Azonto is almost as good. Not quite as 'clubby' as Antenna but still such an uplifting song, it makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear it. Changes by Tupac is one of my all time favourites and I've been listening to it loads recently, I don't think I could get bored of that song. The lyrics have so much meaning and the tune is easy listening too.

So I hope you like this post, I've seen a few other bloggers do it so thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Has anyone else got any posts like this? I would love to read them.


  1. Ahh I love polka dots, GOT and Ribena so this is a winner for me! Hehe!! Beth xox