Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Product Review-In Style REN Samples

I don't normally purchase In Style magazine but when a fellow beauty blogger tweeted about these REN freebies in last months issue I had to pick myself up a copy. I wouldn't normally buy REN products due to the prices but I have been desperate to try out something from their range to see if they are worth the hype. The mini pack came with 3 different samples-the gentle cleansing milk, global protection day cream, and active 7 eye gel.

Gentle Cleansing Milk
I used this on a day when I had worn my normal every day make up (bb cream, blusher, powder etc.). I used this in the way the bottle instructs-rub gently between hands and then massage onto face. On the application my first thoughts were that it was very soothing to apply. Whilst I didn't actually feel like it had done a thorough cleanse, it felt lovely when massaged onto my face, and had a luxurious feel to it.

Global Protection Day Cream
I applied this cream after washing my face in the morning. It again had a very soothing application but I have to admit, I didn't notice a difference between the results compared to any of my drug store moisturisers.

Active 7 Eye Gel
This was my favourite product from the set-I love it! I can say that I absolutely noticed a big difference in my under-eye circles after using this for a few days. Its very cooling to apply as a gel and a little goes a long way. Out of all three products this is the one product I would repurchase, I have yet to find a product to provide the same results. I did have a sneaky look in Marks&Spencers to look at the prices but before I cash out £20 on this beauty, I'm going to try a few other dupes to see if I can find something with similar results but in my price range.

Has anyone else tried these products? Do you have any recommendations for good duplicate products?

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