Thursday, 21 November 2013

Maybelline Collection

I find Maybelline to be one of those brands that gets overlooked by its competitors and that a lot of their products are underated. If you think about it, they have actually got some pretty great products that I sometimes forget about. When I started compiling products for this post I realised just how many Maybelline products I have in my collection!

Colour Tattoo in Light in Purple, Pink Gold, and On and On Bronze
This is the product that I think of when I think of Maybelline. It has to be one of their stand out creations, and that is because of how great this gel crem eyeshadow is. I find them great to use as either a base as it holds powdered shadow in place extremely well, or to add a splash of colour to my eyes on an everyday basis. They are easy to work with using either a brush or even your fingers if you are in that much of a rush. Light in Purple is a brilliant base colour as it can work well with so many shades due to its light reflecting pigmentation. Its particulary lovely to use as a base for a smoky eye. Pink gold is the shade I use the most for an every day use as I think it looks really pretty just on its own. On and On Bronze is my favourite shade as I love a bronzed eye. I use this shade either as a base or on the outer part of my lid to contour.

I didn't realise that I have 4 Maybelline mascaras in my collection! The Falsies is probably the most well known due to it being so similar to Benefit's They're Real. I used to use this mascara all the time but I have just repurchased it and now I remember why I liked it so much. It creates beautifully full lashes without any clumps, and is so much easier to remove than some other mascaras I've used. Collosal Volume Express is similar to The Falsies but rather than increasing length, its brilliant at adding volume to your lashes. However I find using this mascara, I seem to have a lot of clumps which is quite annoying! Illegal Length is probably the most underused mascara I own, I just completely forget about it. There is nothing about it that particularly stands out for me. I tend to use this underneath a volume mascara just to increase length but I can't say I've ever had outstanding results. Great Lash is one of my favourite mascaras. It was the first mascara I ever bought and I still continue to repurchase it, I love it! I use it as an every day mascara. I hardly ever get clumps and it creates the right look for me for every day without being to heavy or dramatic.

Dream Touch Blush in 02
This blush is a beautiful, peachy cream blush. I find it incredibly easy to apply and to build the colour up. I usually apply this straight onto my foundation and then use powder to buff over any lines, which I get more using cream blushers. However I love this blush, purely because I think its a gorgeous colour and is so wearable and trans-seasonal.

Baby Lips
I now have 4 Baby Lips! The first one I bought was Pink Punch (the pink bullet and yellow writing) and I wasn't overly impressed as the colour reminded me of a lipstick I would get in a cheap make up set as a child. However I loved the cream consistency to the balm and how lovely it felt to apply to my lips. Peach Kiss (the purple bullet with orange writing) is another tinted balm. It smells and tastes AMAZING and has a lovely but subtle shimmery tint to the balm. Intense Care (yellow bullet; orange writing) has no tint but is so lovely to use under a lipstick or overnight, it really feels like its working magic on your lips without being overly drying. Hydrate (blue bullet; pink writing) is probably my most used as, like Intense Care it has no tint, but its brilliant for when dry lips strike, which happens to me a lot! As I work in a care home, I am constantly coming in and out of a heated environment, and this obviously doesn't do wonders for my skin or my lips, but since using these balms I've noticed a big difference! I know most people think these have been over-hyped but I have to agree with all of the rave reviews.

Super Stay Tint Gloss and Lipstick
The tint gloss (I have managed to rub the name of the shade off #bloggerproblems) has amazing staying power, although the gloss effect soon wears off but this has to be expected. Its a lovely bright red shade and is perfect if you're in a rush, or need your lipstick to stay in place all night. Ultimate Blush is one of my favourite everyday lipsticks. It has brilliant staying power and is a lovely subtle pink shade. I like wearing this over a balm as it has a slight sheen finish to it then, otherwise it has a matte finish which is also lovely. The consistency is creamy however if the lips are very dry, the formula tends to cling to any dry areas.

Coloursensational Lipsticks in Mauve Diamonds and Rosewood Pearl
I bought these when they were on offer in a local drug store. I picked these shades because they are the perfect everyday autumnal shades. Mauve Diamonds is, as the name suggests, a pale mauve colour with a lovely shimmer. Rosewood Pearl is more of a nude shade but also has a shimmer to it. I love the colours of these shades however, as you can see by the swatches, they are not very well pigmented at all, and therefore a few coats need to be applied to build up the colour.

Coloursensational Shine Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit
This was my absolute favourite gloss of the summer! It is such a beautiful, bright coral gloss that doesn't have too much of a sticky finish to it. I find this gloss can be worn either on its own or over a coral/pink lipstick.  I'm not wearing it as much at the moment due to the change of seasons, but I still love it.

Forever Strong Nail Polish in Crystal Clear, Porcelain Pink and Winner Takes It All
These polishes are from the old collection, however I'm pretty sure they do similar shades in their latest range of polishes. These polishes are great, they have a lovely wide brush which makes application super easy, and they dry pretty quickly too which is great for someone like me who has no patience when it comes to waiting. Crystal Clear I have used on its own and as a top coat as I find it has a lovely glossy finish, and these polishes seem to stay chip free for 3 or 4 days, another bonus! Porcelain Pink is a great summer colour. Its a very sickly pink so might not be to everyone's taste, but I like wearing it during the week when I don't want to much fuss on my talons. Winner Takes It All is one of my favourite polishes, its great to wear in the height of summer but is also very festive to wear during the Christmas period. It has a shimmer finish to it whereas Crystal Clear and Porcelain Pink have glossy finishes.

Colour Show in Urban Coral
This colour is a great colour for the warmer months! Its very bright yet wearable. I find the formula quite thin so at least 2 coats are needed for this polish, however the staying power of this polish is awful! I found within an hour, the polish had already begin to chip. Also, after a day, the polish could be peeled off, one nail at a time. I am so disappointed because there are some great colours in this range but the polish itself is really not worth bothering with!

So that's my Maybelline collection. I'm really enjoying posting about the different brands I have in my collection, its helping me rediscover my love for some of the products!

Has anyone else tried any of these products? Do you have anything from Maybelliene that I should try out?

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