Thursday, 10 April 2014

Batiste Dry Conditioner

I picked this up a couple of months ago and have been slowly forming an opinion since. Although this is being promoted as a 'dry conditioner' it is more of a mist so can have a slight damp feel to it when applied to dry hair. The spray contains argon oil to help tame frizz and fly aways and generally smooth the ends of the hair.

I am always a bit cautious using products aimed to create smooth locks as this can mean adding oil to the hair, and that is something I definitely do not need as I suffer from greasy locks. I have used conditioning sprays before that are supposed to help detangle the midlengths and roots but I find they can make the hair sticky and don't even help with the problem.

This spray is a bit different as it is more of a mist which I find makes application much easier. I spray this to sections of the midlengths of my hair and then use a wide tooth comb to brush and style the hair. I find although this doesn't work miracles, it does a very good job at keep the ends of my hair refreshed and clean between washes, and does make the hair smoother and easier to style. My hair can become very frizzy and I find this helps with that aswell, however I don't like to use too much of the product to prevent that greasy shine. Not a good look!

Has anyone else tried this product?

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