Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser


My pores have been ridiculously large for the last couple of months, I have had real trouble clearing them up! I know tea tree oil is good for this problem anyway, and I love The Body Shop so I thought 'I can't go wrong' when I picked this up.
I have been wearing this product as a primer under makeup and, I have to say, I have been quite impressed. It has a very strong scent of tea tree oil (obviously?!) so just be aware. Its a strange greeny yellow shade but once applied and massaged into the skin it is clear. I notice the biggest difference when I apply powder as I find this seems to highlight my overly large pores. Whilst my pores haven't suddenly disappeared (now that would be a miracle!) they definitely seem smaller and less obvious which is great! This product also feels like its doing a good job on the skin when used which is always a bonus.
Has anyone else used this product? Have you had similar results?

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