Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Non-Beauty Favourites

So starting with this month I'm planning on doing a 'non-beauty favourites' alongside my regular 'monthly favourites' posts. The reason behind this is because I really enjoy reading these type of lifestyle posts, it gives a glimpse into the blogger behind all the beauty.

So if you haven't noticed, the backdrop to my photos are 3 camis. These aren't the only ones I have been wearing, I actually have quite a few in my wardrobe. I have really been loving wearing camis recently, they go with everything! I've been wearing them with skirts, shorts and jeans. They are such a versatile piece of clothing as they are easy to 'dress up' or to keep casual. Plus they are great for layering with cardigans, scarfs and jackets. The ones I have featured in my photos are from Primark and Tesco.

Golden Wonder Tangy Toms Crisps
Ok so I'm not eating these anymore due to the fact I am back on my diet, but at the beginning of this month I was introduced to these by a local pub landlord who 'insisted' I try them. After that I have been well and truly addicted. They are small, tomato-flavoured corn balls that are incredibly moreish, and they are just 30p a bag!

Match the Dots App
I really am not one for apps or playing games but one day I was pretty bored at home so decided to download a few apps to give a go. I started playing Match the Dots and didn't think much of it but now I am well and truly addicted. The concept of the game is very simple, just match the different coloured dots to form lines that will then pop and make room for more dots and so on. I am now on level 300 and something and find myself trying to complete a level in any of my spare time! Oh good lord, it will be Candy Crush next!

New Girl
I've loved this programme ever since its release a couple of years ago. In a quick brief it is about single girl Jess (Zooey Deschanel) who moves in with 3 single guys and is about their day to day lives and mishaps. It is absolutely hilarious and every time I watch an episode it has me in fits of hysteric. All the characters have brilliant comedic traits, and with each episode it just gets better and better. My brother and sister bought me the DVD of the first two series for Christmas so I have been really enjoying rewatching those this past month.
I used to be really up to date with music, however in the last few months I've been a lot slower with hearing the latest tracks. This has meant though that I have been really enjoying listening to a wide range of music from old to new. Here are a few tracks I have been loving this last month:
One Replubic Vs. Alesso-If I Lose Myself
Avril Lavigne-Rock N Roll
Sugababes-Push The Button
Willow Smith-Whip My Hair

So there we have it, just a little round up of the other interests I have in my life besides my beauty passion!

Has anyone else done this kind of posts? Send your links as I would love to have a nose!

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