Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On All Bright


As part of my night time skin routine I always use an eye roll on. This isn't because I suffer terribly with under eye circles, its more for the puffiness I tend to get under and around the eye area, not a good look! I usually stick to the same one but decided to try out this Botanics one to mix up my skin care routine a little bit. I haven't tried anything from the Botanics range since its rebrand a while ago so thought I would give something of their line a go.

This refreshing eye roll on contains hibiscus which supposedly has brightening properties aimed at dark circles, and also targets puffiness around the eye area. I apply the roll on under my eye and then on the eye lid and brow bone. The product has a gel like consistency which initially is very cooling, over once the product is 'rolled on' it blends in to the skin easily.

Unfortunately I haven't noticed a tremendous difference in the appearance of puffiness or dark circles, however it has improved the problem slightly. I also find this product can be quite hard to apply; unlike other roll ons, you need to squeeze the tube to release some of the product in able to apply to the skin. And I can imagine that when I come to the end of the tube I will become every so slightly frustrated!

So I haven't been overly impressed with this one and when I eventually finish it, I think I will try out a different brand.

Has anyone else tried this product? Are there any eye roll-ons you can recommend?

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