Tuesday, 22 April 2014

NYC Eye Shadow Quad Palette in NY Tribute


NYC is a really underrated brand, I have a few things from their range now and I love it all, in particular their eye shadow palettes. I already have one of their quad palettes (see here) which I love and I had been eyeing up this one for quite a while. The NYC brand is super cheap and I think this palette was about £2.50 which is an absolute bargain!
These palettes are arranged brilliantly, they usually go from the lightest shade to the darkest. The shades in this palette are a pure white shade that I have mainly been using as a highlighter shade for the inner corners and brow bone; a pastel pink shade which is great for all over the lids; a dark lilac which, again, is great for all over the lids or for the outer corners and contour; and a dark purple shade which is great for liner, under the eye and for heavy contour.
The pigmentation of this palette isn't fantastic but the shadows are easily buildable and once on the lids the colour does seem to last a good while. The shades also blend really well together and can create a beautiful springtime look.
Has anyone else tried this palette or any of the others from this brand? I would love to know!

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