Friday, 25 October 2013

Demi from Kiss & Makeup's Top 5 Products For 'At Work' Makeup

Hello lovely followers of A Little Gem, It's Demi here from Kiss & Makeup and I've been given an opportunity by the beautiful Gemma to guest post on her gorgeous blog! Two months ago I started my new job fresh out of university as a scrub nurse and so I thought I'd share with you all five fabulous products which aren't too heavy on your skin and so are perfect for weekday wear. 

One: Dr. Jart Platinum BB Beauty Balm
In the past I've overlooked many BB creams because they just don't give me the full coverage I desire. A few weeks ago I discovered Dr Jart platinum Beauty Balm when it was on offer in Boots, when I swatched it I noticed that it was actually pretty thick for a beauty balm and so it clicked that it might not give too shabby coverage after all. I wasn't wrong and I'm really enjoying this high coverage balm which also leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not weighed down whatsoever. I will say however that it does only come in one very light shade, which is great if you're fair skinned like me - if not, then this probably isn't for you!

Two: Estée Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush in X-Pose Rose
I reviewed this gorgeous gel blush on my blog a few weeks ago (click here to read!) and I am absolutely loving it. Pretty steep in price for its size but its so lightweight due to its gel consistency, giving your cheeks a beautiful but subtle splash of colour without soaking up any moisture which often happens with powder blushes. I'll definitely be trying out some of the other lovely colours in this product range!

Three: MAC Mineralize powder in Medium
This powder is perfect for warming up my Dr Jart Beauty Balm base, it's pretty lightweight and doesn't leave my face feeling caked or heavy. This product does give a slightly matte finish but I've not found it to dry out my skin at all which has been a huge problem I've had with every other powder in the past, this is the powder which I always go back to after trying anything else. It does, of course, carry a hefty MAC price-tag but I really can't knock this product and it's for sure where my face powder loyalties lie!

Four: MUA Makeup Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
There's nothing I love more than a massive beauty bargain and this product is one of my favourite finds of the year. This is a ridiculously good dupe of Urban Decay's Brow Box and it costs only £3.50, which is jaw dropingly cheap in comparison with the £19 Urban Decay price tag! I feel butt-naked without shaping and shading my brows, it's got to the point where people say I look really weird without them! This fab little kit from MUA is ideal for achieving perfectly-primped yet natural looking brows and I can't recommend it enough - if there's one product you MUST try after reading this post, this is the one - go go go! I've reviewed this product in full over on my blog (click here to read).

Five: Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara
I've never been a fan of overly dramatic and false looking lashes and I really think that they can cheapen the overall look of your makeup. I'm loving this mascara by YSL because it gives my lashes amazing but natural looking length and volume, without leaving them clumpy and looking like spiders legs. Natural is the key word here, making this mascara perfect for weekday wear! Again, I've reviewed this product in full (click here to read!). 

Anyway dolls, I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I hope that you can take the time to check out Kiss & Makeup sometime! Thank you so much Gemma for giving me the opportunity to guest post on A Little Gem, keep up the amazing work with your amazing blog!

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