Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Homeware and Miscellaneous Purchases

Bit of a random post and not very beauty related but I like to chuck in the odd lifestyle post every now and then. Plus this is a result of shopping so I suppose this could be linked ;) Anyway I've picked up a few random things recently so I thought I would show you.

Ever since I watched A Sprinkle Of Glitter's stationary haul earlier in the month I have been desperate to go stationary shopping. I go through phases where I want to buy lots of new pens, note pads, folders and all that sort of stuff. So I added a couple of things from my collection which I picked up in Tesco. I got the gel pens as I think my writing is much neater using this type of pen, it just feels much smoother. Even though I type a lot, I like to make lots of written lists, and to write drafts for blog posts and coursework. The index markers were a strange buy because at the time I wasn't really sure what I would use them for. But I think they are useful for using in my textbooks, and for using in notepads on my endless pages of lists. Lastly I got the accessories set. The set includes large paper clips, small paper clips, big binder clips, small binder clips and push pins. I don't need or use any of these things so I don't know why I bought them really. Its my sisters birthday soon so maybe I will give them to her as a present. But they looked so handy and colourful, they must be useful for someone?!

Home ware
I love love love shopping for home ware items! Ikea is a heaven to me, I could spend so much money in there. I also love Dunelm Mill and The Range but these two items I picked up in a small shop we have in our town called Store 21. Its a chain so I know there are others around. I don't normally go in there but their home range seems to be taking over the store so I could no longer resist. This throw is my favourite purchase of the month. it is cream and blue and has a lovely striped pattern on it. Its quite thick and is the perfect size to lay out on my bed. I have a bit of a random colour scheme in my bedroom but this goes perfectly. I'm a little obsessed with scatter cushions. I now have seven on my bed, but I think they're really lovely accessories and can make a bed look so tidy and neat. This one I bought because I love the vintage-type feel it has to it, and I think because its a neutral colour it will look good with a lot of different colours.

Lauren Conrad Beauty
If anyone has watched The Hills you will know who Lauren Conrad is, but for those who don't, The Hills was a reality-drama type show (think Made In Chelsea but American) and Lauren Conrad was its star. She has impeccable style and always looks effortless. This book is filled with advice and handy tips from skin care, hair care, health and weight loss tips, make up looks and hair looks. I keep flicking through it and have found a few looks I want to try so I may do a follow up post.

Nike Air Trainers
My old gym shoes were definitely coming to their last days. The soles had worn down and they were no longer as comfortable as they once were. I was in a Nike Outlet store and came across hoards of beautiful shoes designed for all sorts of activities. I went for these ones which are designed more for running and any other cardio, which is what I tend to do at the gym. Although they are quite clumpy, they are unbelievably comfortable! I was drawn to them partly because of the price (£38!) and also because of the lovely Tiffany blue colour. I think its gorgeous and very different to my old trainers which were bright pink!

So there we go, has anyone bought anything similar recently?

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