Sunday, 6 October 2013

Recent Primark Buys

I have such a love/hate relationship with Primark. Sometimes I can go in and find loads of things that I love and 'need' in my life whereas other times I'll go in and find things which could be nice but have been ruined by something Primark have added to the design. However recently when I've been, I've found a few lovely things!

Parka Coat-£20
I have been after a parka for absolutely ages. I thought I would be looking at the over £40 price range but this beauty was a steal at just £20! Its so warm and cosy, and seems to be, surprisingly might I add, rather good quality. I really love this coat, I think it will look lovely with a chunky knitted scarf in the colder months.

Black Stud Bag-£9
I can be quite fussy when it comes to bags, and I seem to go through phases of what type of bag I like. Earlier in the year I really loved the over-sized bags that you could fit anything and everything in, but nowadays I much prefer smaller bags with the longer straps that you can hang on your shoulder. This one caught my eye straight away. I don't normally go for black bags but I thought the stud detail is lovely, and then when I opened the bag I thought the pattern inside was gorgeous. Another bonus with this bag is that the buckle is on the base of the bag, so its a bit safer and securely closed. The bag inside has two compartments separated with a zipped pocket. Although its not overly roomy, I really like it.

Black Vest-£4
This vest may look very simple from the front, a lovely, black jersey material with a white trim around the collar and sleeves, but the back is a little different. It has quite a large opening which exposes part of your back. I like detail like this because although you've quite a lot of flesh on display, it does it in such a subtle way that its very classy. I bought this mainly for my holiday but I think even on a night out in England it would look lovely paired with some skinny jeans and heels.

I do love a good Primark haul, although I think I definitely keep myself restricted on this trip.
Has anyone else bought anything from Primark yet?

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