Friday, 4 October 2013

Product Review-Tea Tree Witch Hazel Blemish Stick


This blemish stick is made from Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel. Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial while the Witch Hazel is skin calming. Together they work to clear spots and blemishes. About a week ago I had a rather large and very noticeable spot appear at the top of my nose between my eyes. It was very red and extremely sore, and I couldn't leave the darn thing alone! I was constantly picking at it, making it bleed and then scab. If only I had had this miracle worker then. When I bought this the left overs of this awful zit was still very obvious and red, so I used this firstly overnight and then again the next day, and now the mark has completely vanished! The stick is quite a waxy consistency and has a flat surface which makes it quite easy to apply however because it is a wide surface it can be difficult to get to fiddly areas. The Tea Tree Oil smell is very strong so beware if you're not favourable to that scent! . I never normally believe these products that say they work instantly, but I have most certainly eaten my words here as this product is amazing, it should be called a miracle stick. I've already recommended it to my brother, who has oily/problem skin like myself, and to a friend who goes through bouts of breakouts. For the small price of £3.45 I don't think you can really say no!

Has anyone else tried this or a similar product?


  1. Sounds like a great little product. I don't suffer from spots that often but when I do its a horrendous one. KB xx

    1. I would definitely recommend this then, its amazing! x